Vill du gå till sidan med orienteringsapplikationer som t.e.x CheckOMap och OL Laser klickar du här

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  1. Luis Benavente

    Hello Sirs:
    I installed your OL Laser software
    I try to open a laz file, but the message ”Keep laz file paths or names out of space character.” appears after trying to unzip the laz file. The name of the file neither the path contains any space character.
    I have opened a *.oappGRID file that passed a colleague from the same path with out problems.
    From this file i have generated cliffs
    Can you help me?
    Best regards

    1. jerkerb Inläggsförfattare

      Hi Luis
      It can be tricky sometimes. Try this in this order.
      1. Be sure to name the laz-file without any strange character (ex. ”test.laz”) and copy it to a clean path (ex. ”c:\Temp”).
      2. Where have you instal the software? Maybe some space character in that path is the problem?
      3. it seems that it works for your colleague? If you are unsure if the laz-file is OK, you can send it to me (www.sprend.se). My email is jerker.boman@oapp.se.


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